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Yaay! It’s finally getting warmer and this time is especially good for reading and even better for reading inspirational books that fulfill and change us for the better.


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What could be more beautiful than reading books on a warm day lying on the grass or sitting on a bench in a park with birds singing in the background?

Ha-ha-ha sure You can find something :) But the minutes spent alone with books and later with Your own reasoning and transformations of thinking are priceless.


My Profit Book prepared a very cool selection of light positive and inspiring books. Not all of them are super new or bestsellers. Yet they have inspired us, so we want to share everything we find useful with You.


Here you go:



And we absolutely LOVE IT! The book teaches You to rejoice, live and feel. It helps to understand the fears, worries and the reason behind anxiety surrounding us in the modern world! It will help to understand the root of our dissatisfaction with life.

The book is about how to really improve the quality of life, find joy and wisdom in Yourself.

All this is very well and simply explained based on author's own experience, through easy practices that you can do daily! 

You will not regret reading it for sure!






It is very likely that this book will change Your life. It will help You to completely re-evaluate Your views on Your own past and present, Your perception and reactions. It will teach You acceptance, and as a result, You will find happiness and freedom!






Have problems? Are You sure that they belong to you? Or maybe they were invented by Your mind which forced You to believe and identify Yourself with the problems? You can only break free from the mind’s captivity through the presence in the Moment of NOW. Only here You can be truly happy and love unconditionally. Exactly about this magical present moment and its power the author tells in the book!






A magical eyeopenning story, which makes You believe in that there is something bigger! It will bring You back the inspiration, the desire to fly up beyond the limits to Your dreams! Already while reading it You will feel the sweet taste of life, the taste of freedom!

Ahhh such a wonderful work. 





A super interesting book, in which author describes the stages of human development, the formation of society and behavioral principles. 

You will learn why we behave in a certain way in the modern society and what is the origin of our automatic reactions. How were the countries, cities and political foundations formed. The book traces the connection between the events of the past and the problems of the present. Makes You revise and understand all the well-established ideas about the world around us. You will find many interesting facts, ideas and hypotheses.




You will learn all about habits, the way they are formed, how they root, how they work, and why are they so difficult to change. You will find the key to Your own habits and will learn how to work on them, how to change them. The book contains many interesting facts and stories about how the habits of society develop.  For example, how the habit of brushing teeth daily was “installed” into people :) yes, yes, this habit was “instilled in us” :)

The author will tell how even the smallest and seemingly insignificant habits change our lives. Everything is possible, but you have to work a bit on yourself to make it happen.




 Simple and a very easy book to read. Author is sharing his experience on how the life has changed for the best from getting up early. But to just wake up early is not enough. The author is teaching us how to plan and prioritize the morning right . There are no difficult practices or philosophies in the book; everything is simple, easy to understand, practical, and incredibly effective. If You constantly don’t have time and cannot plan Your day, this book is for You!






First and foremost this book is suitable for women. An for these who want to unlock their inner source of joy without spiritual practices and complex meditative techniques. The book is very light and inspiring. The author talks about simple methods and keys on how to change life by doing small steps daily. By following them a person can get rid of anxiety and discontent with oneself, as well as make a better use of time. Even if You are aware of all these methods already, this book will simply remind You about them and start the process of changes.





Don’t be surprised that this is listed in the category of life-changing books! Not only the author, but we also believe that the organization of space and the ability to tidy it have a huge impact on the order in our thoughts. It also gives an ability to organize our tasks and life. Besides that, it directly affects our work and concentration. The author will teach You how to clean up and get rid of all unnecessary stuff. The Japanese approach even to cleaning as an art. It is inspiring, and after applying this technique You will be very surprised about how the changes in life and in Your habits begin to occur on their own.







In fact, this is the first part of the book that we advised You at the beginning of the list and it carries the same idea. Nonetheless, this part is

ideal for rationalists who believe in science and research. The author of the book is a famous Tibetan master. He combines the ancient wisdom of Buddhism and the latest discoveries of the Western science. Mingyur Rinpoche took a part, or rather was precisely the one who the Weisman Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Brain Functioning of the University of Wisconsin studied for the medical research on the effects of meditation. Using scientific evidence, the author shows how You can live a healthy and happy life and what impact meditation has in that.


 Some call this work the cold shower of reality. Just a heads up that this work is complex, but each page makes You think. The author describes the make of society and human relationships. Which values should be instilled during childhood.


This book forced many to reconsider altruistic views on life.

According to the readers' polls in the USA, the book takes the first place in the life-changing works rate.

Angelina Jolie, for example, admitted that Atlas Shrugged had a huge impact on her.




My Profit Book prepared the list of books of various complexity of understanding and depth. Each one of them is thought-provoking and in each book You will find useful and inspiring things for Yourself.


Remember that reading a book is not a ready-made plan for action with exact instructions that You must follow.


These are the thoughts expanding your perception of the world and sawing a seed to create your own plan and script!


Read, Develop, Evolve Your Life Plan and Inspire Others.



With Love


My Profit Book

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