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“See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream” - Ray Bradbury



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Travelling is the most exciting way to change Your life for the best, to expand Your outlook and to change Your values and priorities fundamentally.

New people, emotions and impressions will shake you up and pull you out of daily routine.

The modern travel industry provides a vast variety of services allowing us to choose a trip for any taste and budget.


We would like to share with you the ideas on how you can travel with a small budget OR when you really need a break and a full reset.


1. Let’s start  with probably the most known platform - Couchsurfing

In our opinion, it is one of the coolest options if You are on a budget and need to get Yourself out of Your regular day-by-day life and need a distraction. 

How does it work: first You register on this platform and then search for a suitable and affordable options for the proposed housing in the country of destination. From our experience, all the owners are very friendly, hospitable, open and cheerful people. You can definitely learn something and recharge Your energy with new friends. In addition, many arrange city tours showing all the cool spots that are not in the guidebooks. They also can share various life hacks, for example, how to get to the famous museum for free.

And the stories from their rich experience in communicating with people from different parts of our planet (many of them also travel a lot themselves) will inspire You and make you rethink your values.

Sounds like You?


2. Airbnb

Another cool service through which You can find even the most unique accommodation anywhere in the world! If You want to go to the wilderness and be alone rent a treehouse or a hut in the forest.Or maybe You will like a transparent dome?

Many of the hosts would map out recommended routes and places to visit. They offer their help and You can always call them to get all the necessary information. 

Our recommendation is to read the reviews and make sure that there are no additional charges such as fees and tourist fences required upon arrival. As a guarantor  Airbnb will find You another accommodation or a hotel with a similar level of comfort, if the owners do not comply with the terms of the contract.



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3 Yoga and detox tours.

This Option is for those who want to sort themself out. Who wants to learn more and to get deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, or simply improve their health and relax. You can search on the internet for “Yoga Tours” and You can find a huge number of options for any level of difficulty anywhere in the world. There are many options - from a pleasant light Yoga by the ocean in the tropics to some strict retreats in complete silence. After such tours, you will definitely return a new person. You will look at Your life and everyday affairs in a completely different way. As a great bonus you will improve your health.

P.S. - Check comments and reviews and clarify all the details associated with the proposed program. Select the difficulty level suitable for you.


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 4. House sitting is another budget travel option

The idea is very simple - the owners of the houses provide You with a free accommodation while they are away. In exchange they give You various tasks to complete, such as to take care of their pets, look after the garden and plants in the house, clean the place and so on.

The owners feel calm about their pets being fed and the plants watered while You will have a free accommodation. In Your free time you can explore local attractions and get acquainted with the culture.


Here are some websites to check out:


5. Volunteering

You feel the need to help and You have something to share? This is Your kind of travel then. You can find many volunteer programs and organizations in the world that need help in various fields. From helping turtles to educating children in the third world countries.

In return You will get enormous experience, the opportunity to travel “for free” and even a small income! 


Here several resources for you to check out: 

This is just a small part of existing programs.


6. Remote work

In today's world many professions and activities do not require a specific location, and you can perform your duties from anywhere on the earth.  If you have such a job and you have a huge desire to travel, then try to talk to your employer about working remotely. Provide all the advantages - it will cut down the rent and all expenses associated with this, also, a happy and inspired employee has much better work performance etc.) it’s not a problem to monetize work and communicate online nowadays.

Otherwise, you always have the choice of changing your job. There are special programs / projects that will help you organize everything, here is one of them    

7. Study a foreign language in another country

A cool option to take Your mind off the routine, to stay in another country and boost up Your knowledge - learn another language, plunge into a new environment and make new friends.

This is something like a student exchange for adults.


One of the cool projects is 


8. Work on organic farms

Another option is to live for free in exchange for Your labor on organic farms.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms to help connect You with farmers around the world. An interesting and unusual way to travel and do something useful for this world.

All information you can find on the organization’s website



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9. Surf camp and other active camps

If You like surfing or climbing mountains, ect. Then this type of travel is for You! You do not need to take care of the place, team, instructor and accommodation. Usually everything the organizers of such events provide everything You need according to the levels of difficulty You choose.

Simply search for the site camp with the activity of Your preference! It’s a great option to have fun and make new friends.



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10. Services exchange or barter work

Offer Your Services in exchange for accommodation. Contact a hotel or accommodation with Airbnb or even a restaurants. In fact, You can use apply this in any field and offer Your services. For example, if You are a cool photographer or videographer, You can offer a photo/video report; if You are a writer, write a story about the place; if You know how to repair something or make repairs, You can offer these services.

Offer what You can do best and You will be surprised how many people will be interested in it.

Perhaps You will not be offered an accommodation at the peak season. But for a traveler or just for a break from the daily routine this is a great opportunity!



There are many options to travel expanding Your horizons, meeting new people. And You don’t need to be loaded with money or to buy boring trips from tour operators. The world is full of opportunities, just open to it and start acting, take the first step! You do not have to quit Your job or change your lifestyle for a gipsy one. You can do volunteer work for a couple of months or study languages in another country for a couple of weeks or just live in a treehouse for a week reading books.


Even the shortest trip will change and inspire you!


We wish you good luck and a lots of travel.


If You have interesting stories or You have used one of the above programs above already. Let us know. We will be happy to share Your story with our readers, it may inspire someone else to follow their dreams.


With Love

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