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If You already have felt the thirst for a change and a call to action, then we have a hint on what to start with.


By following at least half of the tips from the list below, You will feel the improvement quite fast… Just please don’t expect to get the 100% result overnight. Such kind of expectation leads to frustrations and disappointments if we don’t see total 180 turnaround already tomorrow.


We were building our habits and way of thinking for decades! Dear friend, equip Yourself with patience, willpower and love for Yourself and life! You will succeed


So, let's begin:


1) Get enough sleep!

2) Go to bed before 10 pm.

3) Wake up early in the morning around 5-6 am.

4) Start the day with gratitude.

5) End the day with gratitude.

6) Do Simple Meditation Every Morning

7) Start Your morning activity with yoga, jogging, swimming or fitness.

8) Tell someone about Your Love.

9) Do at least one thing for Your self-development before starting work 

(learn a few words in another language, read a couple of pages of a book, it can be anything).

10) Begin Your morning with a glass of water, not coffee ;)

11) Stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the day.

12) Pay attention to what You eat and when You do it.

13) Plan Your day ahead

14) Set short-term goals (begin with 2 weeks and like this you can get to 3 months!)

13) Start a success diary. Write in it even Your little achievements.

14) REPLACE Your bad habits with the good ones (for example: when I feel sad I eat sweets and bread - replace it with -when I feel sad I eat fruit and am glad that my body is healthy, or I call my friend and say that I love him or her). Find Your substitutions and write them down.

15)  Write a diary (You can reread it after some time and see how your thoughts have changed).

16) Smile :)

17) Avoid negative surroundings and toxic people.

18) Find a mentor in every area of Your life that You want to improve.

19 Work with love and bestowal and not for the sake of money (it will come when You love Your job).

20) If You don’t like the job, change it (it won’t bring You anything good).

21) Never engage in gossips and talking behind someone's back.

22) Donate part of Your income to charity.

23) Put a part of Your income into a savings account.

24) Accept people as they are, do not try to change anyone.

25) Сompliment people, say kind words when You notice something good.

26) Greet others first and be friendly to everyone (we never know what a person has in his heart right now).

27) Help at least one person to achieve his goal.

28) Make priorities for the day, the week, the year and always start with them.

29) Check social networks at most 2 times a day (if this is not your job).

30) It's never too late to start! Never.

31) Do not make any decisions in a bad mood, calm down first.

32) Remember the appetite comes with eating, act!

33) Spend at least 20 minutes every day outdoors in the fresh air.

34) Walk (You can do walks in the evening).

35) Learn a new language.

36) Engage in self-development.

37) Get yourself a nice hobby that You enjoy.

38) Spend more time with Your family and positive friends (plan the time to meet them in advance).

39) Analyze Your every event, failure or success. What lesson You can learn? What can You improve?

40) Do not discuss other people's failures.

41) Be happy and supportive over the success of others.

42) Enjoy You alone time and spend more time with yourself.

43) Watch Your words they can inspire or destroy.

44) Get something useful for You out of any criticism, don't be angry at it.

45) Do not look back.

46) The future is the fruits of what You do now.

47) Live in the present moment.

48) Small steps every day lead to greater results.

49) Stop doing something that destroys You and doesn’t let You develop

50) Show support and motivation with love for these around You. Become that little ray of light in the darkness for others. This way You will understand the law of the universe.


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Good luck Dear friends! We love You and believe in You!


With Love

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