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Why should we track our time?

So why time tracking is so important in almost every activity?


Why should we track our time?


Here are few reasons!


Increase Your productivity

Did you know that simply by tracking your time you can increase your productivity even 10x.

No matter if you are business owner, freelancer, or mother of 5, either you work on super important project or trying to organise your daily routine, you want to complete as much  tasks as you can and still have time to rest and enjoy small things. How many times we say to ourselves and hear it from others “I don’t have enough time”, the truth is, that we all have 24 hours a day, but don’t always know how to use it in a productive way. By tracking the time we spend on daily activities we can calculate what task take most of our time , what less, and decide which of them we want to prioritise, and which are not worse of our attention. 



Be more organised 

Thanks to time tracking you can see how much time, more or less, you need to complete different tasks. As a result,  you are able to make realistic plans and goals for the future and organise your work and free time in a better way. 



Stay focused 

Tracking your time can be very important when it comes to focus. When you know how much time is left to complete the task, you know that each minute counts. Thanks to this you will stay concentrated on finishing the task you are working on, within certain amount of time  and let go of distractions, such as responding to emails, having the coffee break or talking to your friend. you will be able to do that all, right after the time dedicated for that task is over. Here is the small advice for you, if in the middle of your working session you’ve reminded that you need to do something important such as making a call for example, don’t stop your work, just put a reminder (a little note in your planner or shit of paper) to get back to that call right after you finish. It will help you to continue working and fully concentrate on your task, without being afraid to forget about this call again.


Improve time management skills

Time management skills are extremely important for every person, who wants to succeed in career, as they include such skills like: task management, prioritising, delegation, scheduling…etc. And what can help you to improve these skills as good as time tracking? nothing! Thanks to time tracking you will learn to estimate the time you need to complete some tasks, and knowing this you will learn to plan your schedule ahead, prioritise the tasks, and delegate them if necessary. As a result all your tasks will be completed in time and with no stress.

Keep Your projects profitable

Time tracking gives you a chance to see how much Your time really costs especially when it comes to projects where you are not being  paid hourly. By tracking the time, you can calculate how many hours you spend on your project, how much are you being paid and decide if your time is worth the payment. For example you are a photographer and for each photo shoot (of 30 mins) you are being paid 100 euros.

But then it takes you 3 hours to retouch the pictures and all that is included in the price. So you may decide to hire another person to do that job for you and pay lets say 50 euros, you will still be in plus cause instead of that 3 hours of retouch you will be able to have 5-6 photo shoots.


Reduces Stress 

Taking control of the time helps you to stay on schedule, which may help to avoid stressful situations such as missing the deadlines, not having enough time for the tasks you’ve wanted to do. With time the stress level can rise really high and it will lead to bigger problems then just forgotten appointment for example. 


You may think that time tracking takes a lot of time, but the truth is that in few weeks of tracking your time you will see that all your work is done in time and you can still have fun with your friends, family, or just have time for Yourself.





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