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Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash


One day a reporter from a scientific magazine came to Einstein’s house to get an interview. The scientist met the guest at his veranda sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a pipe and looking at the sunset.


“I want to ask you only one question, Dr. Einstein,” said the young journalist with a notebook in his hands. 

This is the key question we ask all scientists:

“What is the most important question a scientist сould ask?”


Einstein stretched out and went silent for quite some time, swinging in a chair being lost in his thoughts,


“This is a wonderful question, young man, and it deserves a serious answer,” he said.


At the same time, he began to swing in the chair very slowly, while blowing smoke with his pipe.

The young man was patiently waiting for an answer, as if he was waiting for a solution to some critical problem, or for him to come forward with a new hypothesis. But instead received an answer that subsequently made the whole world think deeply.


Finally Einstein said  "I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ 

What do you mean by that? How come this is the most important question? - reporter asked


Einstein gave a very meaningful response: 


"Because the answer to this question determines what we will do with our lives. For if we decide that the universe is an unfriendly place, then we will use all our resources to create bigger walls. But if we decide that the universe is a friendly place, then we will spend our life building bridges. It is for us to decide”

 from ”Step by step coaching” by Marilyn Atkinson PhD, Rae T. Chois


Each person experiences dark periods of life, when we “build walls”. When we see the surrounding world as something very unfriendly. We get bogged down in the swamp of negativity and routine. Day after day everything repeats. We get used to only noticing disadvantages and the feeling of love, the feeling of being the creator of own life was just a daydream of the past.


If You are able to recognise this problem as an indicator then it is time to wake up and change the angle of your worldview.

To see the universe as a friendly sphere. The way it actually is.


Here are few tips on what to start with:


Every morning when You open your eyes start to thank life, Yourself, and everyone around. For that You woke up, for that You are breathing, and that You have such great opportunity to be conscious and grateful. Make gratitude your lifestyle. Make a habit of broadcasting gratitude each second even during daily chores. It’s a very powerful instrument. Try it!

Before You ask what to do if it seems like You don’t feel it and there is nothing to thank for. Start to cultivate gratitude even if You have to force yourself. You can write it down, speak it through or scream it out loud, be thankful for little things, even for the things that bother You, for everything that You feel, even if it’s pain.

Repeat the procedure before going to sleep :)


You don’t need to search them on the internet, make them yourself, simply praise yourself and life. Tell only nice things, You are capable of everything - because You are the creator. You are here to create. 

You should even purposely notice only good things in yourself and in others. Believe in yourself, in Your own power, and in that life is Your good friend. If You forget, simply come back and start again :)



Leave it all in the past, especially all the hard feelings and bitterness that we tend to drag along. It’s even better to thank these feelings. Hug the person who has hurt You and move on. Now that Your heart and mind have some free space, fulfill it with love and the present moment. Pay attention to what is happening right now, in this moment. What are Your sensations, what are You hearing, seeing and feeling? As the sages say - “The past and the future are an illusion. All you have is the present moment.”

It is worth to heed to this. 

P.S. Simple meditation of watching how you are breathing will help you to train your attention - the presence in the moment of now.


Tidy Your place completely, throw out everything, everything unnecessary. No excuses or compromises. Use this cool method - get rid of at least 10 things in each room. You will feel the burst of energy straight away!

You can also find many life hacks on how to clean your place and throughout things You don’t need.

Take an action!


Select specific time for self-development in your calendar, allow time for your plans, goals, new courses or for reading a book.

The world is full of wonderful knowledge, use this chance to learn. Through development we start to feel the taste of life, start to love yourself and the world that is taking care of us so much.


 Give some quality time to Your body, exercise 2-3 times per week. Sport increases the endorphin level - the hormone of happiness.

Your body will thank You when You start to take care of it. You start to feel and love it more. You probably have heard many times that movement is Life! And that’s what it is!

 Be neat, dress up, please Yourself with Your own appearance, give Yourself compliments.


It’s not necessary to fly to another continent. You can start with going out of the town, in nature, to the area you haven’t visited yet. Go to a cafe in a nearby town, go to a closest river or lake. Change your environment, explore new locations, the new views will inspire you.


 Surround Yourself with positive people and avoid toxic ones. If there is no possibility of any provocation to get involved with, or some kind of drama, complaints, etc.. Simply smile back without going into discussion or collective whinge. Be friendly and easygoing. At first it may be somewhat challenging, but if You manage to overcome the glum face, then very soon You will feel just as good as You look.

Smiling is your priority.


Share Your love, knowledge, skills, all the best that You have. Do it selflessly and with full dedication. Absolutely everyone has something good to share.

When You give You receive much more.


Finally we got to the main point. Not just in relation to this article, but in relation to life as well - it is LOVE

Limitless, unconditional and comprehensive, each of us have it. Sometimes we forget about it, it can be shaded by a bunch of prejudices, but it’s there - unlock it in yourself! Start to look at the world, at people, at work, at things and at everything around with love. Tell Your close ones about Your love, about how much You value them more often.

Everything you do - do with love. This is the basis of all the basics.


Dear readers, our universe is definitely a friendly place! Let’s build the bridges of love, kindness and compassion! The walls have been built for long enough now! Good luck to you!


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


We love you very much.

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